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Become Certified in Addiction Medicine:

Apply now and join the over 3,000 Diplomates from all Medical Specialties who have become Board Certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

The Next Examination:

The next Certification examination will be given on October 17, 2015.

Application Deadlines Period:

- Standard, July 1, 2015

How to Get on the List to Receive the Application:

Simply send your name, telephone number, and address to us at

How to Apply:

When it becomes available in early February, simply click on the "Apply for the Examination" button in upper left hand corner of this page.

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Addiction Medicine: The Birth of a New Discipline

Substance use is highly prevalent, a substantial cause of morbidity and mortality and accounts for over $500 billion in economic costs in the United States annually. The 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that 32% binge drink and nearly 7% reported heavy drinking over the past 30 days. With these alarming figures and more, it seems clear that the path has been paved for addiction medicine to become an integrated part of mainstream medicine.Click here to read the JAMA article now!

Welcome to all of our Diplomates and Candidates. From zero to well over 3,000 Diplomates in a mere six years—that is progress. Yet, the path ahead will require even more constructive energy to reach our goal: recognition of the field of addiction medicine by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).

Why is recognition so crucial? Such recognition will enable the infrastructure of American medicine to be used to train new physicians and keep current physicians up-to-date about the unique body of knowledge in the field of addiction medicine, and facilitate the provision of care for patients and their families who suffer from these disorders.

Maintenance of Certification is required by all ABMS Member Boards, and therefore ABAM requires its Diplomates to meet that very important standard. It is critical to gaining recognition.

In order to support you in meeting the MOC requirements and in order to support you in our shared goal to provide quality care for patients who suffer from the disease of addiction, the new ABAM Diplomate and Candidate Portal was launched in April of 2013. We believe you will find tremendous value in the portal and hope you enjoy the new features.

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Maintenance of Certification

Training in Addiction Medicine

Maintenance of Certification (MOC)
Four-Part Structure

The American Board of Addiction Medicine's Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program assesses the six core competencies established by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). This enables the ABAM to assure the public, licensing boards, payers, and regulatory agencies that physicians certified in Addiction Medicine and have the knowledge and skills to deliver quality care.


Licensure and Professionalism (Part I)
  • Diplomates must possess a valid, full, and unrestricted medical license.
Lifelong Learning and Self-assessment (Part II)
  • Each year Diplomates are required to complete 26 PRA Category 1 Credits combined from Self-Assessment Modules, Approved CME Activities, and Self-Reported activities.

    A. Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Activities: 9 Credits every Year

    Each Diplomate is required to complete 9 credits of Self-Assessment Activities every year.

    This is completed by selecting 9 ABAM approved articles from a pool of 24 that are most clinically relevant to their practice. The list of articles and links to them can be found on the (MOC web portal)

    A score of 75% or higher must be attained on the self-assessment for each article in order to pass that article.

    B. Continuing Medical Education (CME): 9 CME credits every year

    Diplomates assess and enhance knowledge in areas important to their practice using activities developed by the ABAM and other organizations, and each Diplomate is required to complete at least 9 PRA Category 1 Credits™ in Addiction Medicine ever year from the list of ABAM Approved Educational Activities.

    C. Additional Credits: 8 credits every year

    Diplomates must complete an additional 8 credits each year. These may be earned through additional Self-Assessment Modules, ABAM Approved CMEs, or through self reported CMEs.

Cognitive Expertise - Secure Exam (Part III)

  • In year 8 or 10 of a Diplomates MOC Period, Diplomates must pass the secure cognitive exam administered at over 400 prometric testing centers around the world.
Performance Improvement (Part IV)
  • Part 4 of the ABAM MOC Program is in development and has not launched. Diplomates will participate in a range of ABAM-approved performance improvement projects designed to assess and improve the quality of patient care.
  • Log into the ABAM MOC Section of the Portal for more information.